Family holidays in Dijon

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Are you planning to spend your family vacation in Dijon? Do you want to be sure that everyone will enjoy their stay? We have selected for you the five not-to-be-missed outings, enough to satisfy the whole family!

Why choose to come to Dijon?

Dijon is located in the Burgundy-Franche-Compté region and in the department of Côte-d’Or. The city of a hundred steeples will probably never be comparable to the world’s great cities, but it will give you a wave of freshness that the whole family will enjoy!

Burgundy, well known internationally for its gastronomy and its excellent wine, will offer you the possibility to discover its original specialties. We all know its famous Burgundy snails, or its unchanging mustard!

Coming to Dijon is also, but above all, contemplating its extraordinary landscapes and discovering its history, thanks to the contrast between its architecture of the time and its vineyards sublimated by the sunset.

Activities to do with your family

We have created for you the « To Do List » of things to do in Dijon to make your stay as great as possible.

First of all, discover the gastronomy of Dijon. Visit the Cassisium de Nuits-Saint-Georges and enjoy tastings of the famous Cassis de Dijon.

As we know that your children are not fond of wines and spirits, give yourself and your children the opportunity to taste Burgundy snails or Dijon mustard if you don’t already have some at home! In the old town of Dijon, place François Rude, you will find several small local stores that are full of these specialties. Our culinary restaurants will also be able to offer you these specialties and transcend your taste buds.

Burgundy is also the receptacle of vestiges of the past. Everyone has heard of Julius Caesar! The Alesia Museopark retranscribes the story of the last battle between Vercingetorix, a Gaul, and Julius Caesar, which took place in Burgundy itself. A cultural and fun activity where everyone will find something to enjoy!

In the past, Burgundy was the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, with its tower of Philip the Good, is a key point of passage in the discovery of the city of Dijon. Moreover, its location in the heart of Dijon will give you direct access to the Museum of Fine Arts. Take advantage of this opportunity to follow the path of the Owl. Whoever finds it … will have the opportunity to grant a wish!

If you want to add a touch of sport and get some fresh air, consider taking a walk in the vineyards of Marsannay, 20 minutes from downtown. Take advantage of the landscapes of the Côte de Beaune to recharge your batteries as a family!

As you have understood, Burgundy has nothing to envy to other regions! This region of a thousand and one flavors and colors will offer you an unique experience and will make you fall under the charm of its capital.

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